Josh Malcolm

Woodland Mills was co-founded in 2009 by Neil Bramley & Josh Malcolm after the pair recognized the need for a sawmill that balances quality and value.

Neil and Josh combined their work experiences and backgrounds in mechanical engineering to develop their product. Neil graduated from Durham College as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist. His background is in project management with tier one automotive suppliers. His expertise lies in computer aided design (CAD) and foreign sourcing of automotive components. His extensive travels overseas present opportunities for partnerships with state of the art manufacturers.

Josh obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Western Ontario. Since then, Josh has gained expertise in retail sales through his fireplace company that has three retail locations in the Toronto area. As a hobby farmer and woodlot owner, his desire to mill his own lumber on weekends led him through an extensive search for a personal mill. Failing to find such a product, Neil and Josh formed Woodland Mills to source a product to meet their own needs.

Woodland Mills offers its HM126 sawmill across Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Korea, New Zealand & Australia. These sawmills are backed by friendly and comprehensive service to ensure customers are taken care of well after their purchase.

Neil Bramley