The mill was bought for my Father and has been in use on his farm in W.V. for 2 yrs. I would say the logs which he has been milling are probably bigger than the mill was designed for in size and weight. Logs are 22′ long some as big as 36”-38” in diameter – which we had to square with the chain saw, for mill to pass over them.

As for species – we have cut all kinds of Oak, Cherry, Popular, Beech and Pine. I custom built a trailor for my Father’s mill before even cutting our first log. I had my concerns if the mills would be able to preform when first purchased due mainly to the cost being so low in comparision to other mills. My concerns where quickly put to rest on the first day of operating the mill. Friends, family and neighbors who have seen the mill in operation have been amazed as well.

In the 2 yrs of operation there has been well over 500 logs milled and again most were large logs ( 18” plus at the little end of a 22′ log) We have built a 20′ by 36′ pole barn at the farm in W.V., and built roughly 1 mile of 3 rail fence at my brothers home in TN. I have used the milled lumber to build tables, bar tops and stools.

My father and I would recommend the mill to anyone in the market for a well priced, low maintenance -good running mill. As for issues with the mills other than the standard maintenace of replacing belts and blade guides – we did have a handle latch break at a weld which I am sure if we would have called the company it would have been taken care of. But as we were able to take care of re welding the handle on site and get back to milling lumber in less than 30 mins I seen no need to call it in. And as for the other small issue the plastic handles on the log dogs – they have been bust due to operator error – which is no fault of the design or mill – which again easy to fix.

Here are some photos of the mill and products – sorry for picture quality. (note for company my father or me would be happy to show mill in operation in W.V. But of course it would need to be discussed futher and prior to setting up time and date- as once someone sees the mill in operation – they sell themselves.

Tennessee, USA


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