Dan & Tanya


I was looking through your website (again) and thought I should let you guys know how pleased I am with my Woodland Mill. I purchased the mill at the Bancroft Forestry Expo in 2012 have put it to good use ever since. I have attached a few pictures of the enclosure I built for it last summer. Total cost was about $30 in gas and $20 for blade sharpening. My savings in lumber costs have already paid for the mill!!! I am now able to make good use of standing lumber that I am constantly thinning out of my 100 acre mixed bush. The slab wood is great for camp fires and for heating the house during those mild spring and fall weeks. This spring it will be put to good use milling a variety of quality, straight, low cost lumber for several tree stands, an ATV storage shed, butcher block island for the kitchen and whatever else I can find the time to build. No more trips to the lumber yard for me.


Dan & Tanya
Wiarton, Ontario


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