Dave Johnson


I have completed siding for 2 large barns 44′ x 48′ and 36′ x 48′. It really only took me about 40 hours to cut both orders. I have also cut hardwood for customers from Seattle. Very easy to maintain, it took all of 20 minutes to change belts and guide bearings, and now it cuts like new again. I have augmented my milling operation with a Stihl MS 660 and a Beam Machine to trim larger logs into a Cant that the mill will handle. It helps having an excavator to load logs, but I could easily use ramps and roll them up with a come-along. I built a mill shed to keep her dry, and I am adding a drying shed behind the mill in the future.

This is a very trusty machine, well built with a quality engine. Learn how to sharpen your own blades and you will save time and money, otherwise find the local sharpener and get 2 sets of 10 blades, one in hand, one at the sharpeners. Or split them up into 5 blades and do the same. Nothing is better than new belts and a sharp blade! When all is in good shape, this thing cuts even hardwoods with amazing ease! I cut my neighbors’ 12″ wide 430′ of soffit from one Cedar tree in about 2 hours. That was 36 boards, 1/2″ thick and 12′ long. I traded him 4 hours of dozer work on my place. The tree was just laying on the ground on my property!

Dave Johnson


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