Jamie Teal


1st pic is a 22 inch wide pine. Biggest log I’ve had on the mill. Sliced it up with ease. Really enjoy running the hm126!!

2nd pic is a 12 ft black walnut log. Again the HM126 sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. Couldn’t be happier with my mill.

3rd pic is the log from the first pic. Squared up and ready to make 2x10x16’s. Building a barn.

4th pic Is the same log, but a better shot of the length. I always try to get the company name in the pics.

5th pic is the black walnut log about 2 inches in. It ended up with 1x10x12 solid chocolate boards.

I’ve cut hard wood, soft wood, even sliced a few stumps with it. As long as you keep a sharp blade, tension kept tight this mill is a hard one to beat. Very happy with my purchase.

Jamie Teal
Alabama, USA


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