Matthew McMullen


Hello everyone at Woodland Mills.

I just wanted to contact you and wish everyone at your company a huge thank you! We purchased your sawmill this past Fall with grant money for my High school Woodshop Class with the hopes that we could begin saving some costs on our lumber supplies. Your company went the extra mile to sweeten the deal and give our kids a little bonus with extra blades and such. I also wanted to share with you that your saw has well surpassed our expectations and created something in our school and community that is nothing shy of amazing.

This year our school is facing some financial hardships, thanks to your saw it has helped to save our program by completely eliminating our lumber bill. We typically spent $4K on lumber each year for the students. Now we have reduced our costs to nearly nothing.

Even more amazing is the local community response to a newspaper article that was published about our sawmill. I have spent all winter getting phone calls and traveling around to different parts of our town collecting logs that community members have donated to our program. You name it we have had it donated. Oaks, Cherry, Hickory, maple, Walnut, and Pines. And on top of it many of the community members donating have already committed a log or two for next year. On top of which a local tree recycler has agreed to donated whatever we need free of charge. In fact this past fall he dropped off a ½ semi load of maples. Thanks to the support of our community and your saw we now have a near limitless supply of free lumber to mill.

The best part though is the student buy in I have had. Students are running the sawmill cutting lumber that they will use for next year. The comments that I have heard are “ I can’t believe I am turning a tree into lumber then into a project” So many of my students have enjoyed running the sawmill that I have other teachers complaining that their students want to skip their classes to come to my class and run the sawmill to build up the lumber supply for next year.

On top of all this your saw is extremely safe for my students, very easy to learn and amazing on how long a tank of water, gas and a blade will last. Even my principal had no issues running the sawmill in a business suit non the less. It was quite a scene, however it demonstrated the ease that anyone can run these saws.

Again Thank you so much for all your help and support! You have made a huge difference in the woodworking program at Clio High School!!!

Matthew McMullen
Industrial arts Dept.
Clio High School
Clio, MI 48420


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