Hello Josh and Neil,

Thank you for designing an affordable mill that has enabled taking milling past the hobbyist level. The mill was purchased in the spring of 2012 is housed as shown below.

Only the rafters of the mill shed were milled on site, but using a long reclaimed barn beams and a stand made of some steel track to build some “starting blocks” allows the full use of 3 sections of track. Soon the tarp/windshield hastily put up one blustery Maine winter day will be replaced with live edge.

Being a first time mill user/owner is an experience and 2012 was a good year to listen and learn from to the mill. It didn’t take long to learn to keep her tight, sharp and strait. Quality material resulted. The highlights of that season were 2x pine to refurbish a modified trailer used to haul logs to the site and a beautiful stack of cherry is also drying in the attic.

2013 has been a busy. The ambitious plan is to mill out the timbers for a post and beam house. The trees were felled in late December 2012 and early 2013. Despite a rash of winter storms (actual storms, even by Canadian standards), it has taken about a month to be ¾ of the way done milling. In the foreground is a stack of 17 ft maple 8×8, followed by a 17 foot stack of maple 2x (flooring).

Looking from the other end of the stack are some more big rafters and beams and a stack of 12ft oak 6×8 (girts) 3×8 x 12 oak floor joists.

Finally the 5/4 stack of mixed oak and maple. I’m not sure how many board feet have been produced in the first few months of 2013, but as happy as I have been with this purchase being this far along in this project this soon is unexpected. Weeks ahead of schedule you mill as outperformed our expectations.

The logs in the foreground should just about finish the milling aspect of this project which should be about 2 days work.

The next steps are to build a firewood storage area with some pine milled out last year.

Gorham, Maine


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