My brother and I bought our mill to supplement his tree service. We save anything that we possibly can, in order to mill it up. We have cut many different types of wood, oak, cherry, ash, walnut, various types of maple, many different pine, and other things, I’m sure I am forgetting. We have had no issues at all with our mill. The stack of wood in the picture is the first 2 days worth of sawing, just getting used to what to do with it. Since then we have sawn around 10,000 board feet of lumber. I included a few pictures of our first big log, a large pin oak, as well as a picture of one of my children helping out. My three oldest love to watch it run and help push it, as well as clean up the sawdust. Thanks for making a quality product, I love using it and am looking forward to using it for many more years.



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