I took delivery of my Woodland Mills saw in January of 2013 and have spent many hours cutting and learning the sawmill. We have cut all types of trees from soft pine to very hard hickory and the saw has preformed exactly as advertised. It is amazing the amount of lumber we have cut and now used as a result of this saw. There is a learning curve needed to install the unit and to properly operate the saw. All my friends tell me, if I can do it, then anyone can, they cannot believe how this saw has enabled me to use all types of trees from my farm that otherwise I would never be able to do. We just completed building a barn that we only used wood from my farm. Here are a few pictures of our operation.

From the start I knew getting the logs up on the cutting rails would be a chore, so I designed a simple lift system to be used on my tractor. Easy to build and I have been able to lift huge logs on the rails and never actually touch the logs. Basically we added extension arms to the lift arms of my tractor along with chains and hooks. It took about an hour to weld together and cost zero, as we just used some scrape angle iron with already had.

I would recommend the Woodland Mills sawmill to anyone wanting this type of operation for a personal sawmill. And cannot say enough about the staff on giving me advice and more when I needed it from the company at any time.

The barn I just completed used 4 types of wood. Cedar for the post, sycamore and hickory for the beams, sycamore and oak for the side boards and pine for the ceiling joist. Fun building it and all the wood was cut with the Woodland Sawmill. This one barn almost paid for my sawmill. Now we are working on a suspension bridge using white oak for the entire bridge. I will send pictures of this bridge as we go along.

Tennessee, USA


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