I’m a proud Woodland Mills portable sawmill owner. I was looking for an affordable mill that would do the job. Yes i know that there are bigger and more expensive saws out there, but this sawmill can still do some heavy duty work, if done right. There are lots of things to learn about making good lumber. No matter what type of mill you buy. Since I bought my sawmill, I’ve made plenty of lumber, from Cedar to Maple, even big Douglas fir with the diameter over 26 inches. If done right, you’ll save time, money, wood and your back.

I have 30 acres of forest and 1/4 of it is half fallen trees which are still 100% solid lumber. With these logs, I started building a barn with the lumber I’ve been making. What started as a hobby is now a part-time job. I make boards for who ever wants any, hard work pays off. What really helps me is the the customer service that Woodland Mills provides me with. They answered all my questions and always give me good advice. Thanks to Neil and Josh at Woodland Mills!

Ontario, Canada


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