When I first got my mill, I had it delivered to my house in the city and then had to transport it myself up to my cabin. The set up was relatively easy, I had it set up, levelled and cutting by the next day. It took me some time, and lots of sawdust, to get used to it. I have never had, run or had any contact with a mill before this. I was able to convert a 10’ X 12” log into a 2X4 in no time. I get better efficiency every time I use it.

I am committing myself to using only deadfall logs and there is no shortage of newly fallen deadfall around my cabin. To feel productive, I built this smoke house making all the dimensional and planks out of one log. I used the wane wood for decorative trim on it. Of course I have been criticized for the design but I like it. I smoked up some fish from the lake, some ribs and a chicken so far. Next summer I start my storage shed to get experience with joinery and then a shop.

Thanks, Russ
Saskatchewan, Canada


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