Steve Dadson


Dear Sirs,

I last summer I purchased your HM126 for use on a small Gulf Island (BC) property we have. Our island has a number of blow downs each year and being on the ocean in BC we get a few logs on our beach that break away from log booms, although there are far fewer logs than in years past given how logs are now transported.

There are a variety of species including; D Fir, Pacific Silver Fir, Red Cedar, Arbutus, Hemlock, Maple, Yew and Alder, which periodically roll up on our beach or blow over in a strong SE storm somewhere on our 150 acres.

Being a DIY kind a person I wanted to be make use of them and what better way than a small band saw I thought.

The 1st challenge was how to get the Mill to our Island? I thought I would send along a few pictures (attached) to show how it was done.

1. From your factory the Mill was delivered to Maple Bay on Vancouver
Island and placed a friend’s pick up.

2. The pickup went the public dock at Crofton BC where it was loaded by “davit” onto another pal’s boat.

3. The Mill then crossed the 6 miles of water across the top end of
Saltspring Island to our little Island, North Secretary (NSI).

4. We timed the crossing to get maximum tide to accommodate the lifting
of the Mill out of the boat using our JD 150D

5. The JD excavator walked the Mill up the shore incline a carefully
placing it a trailer that was pulled by a refurbished 1948 Massey Ferguson tractor hauled to our cottage.

6. The Mill is a heavy beast so I used the JD excavator to lift the
Mill out of the trailer and began assembling…

It was an interesting day for me and two close friends who made this exercise a great day adventure.

The Mill has performed very well. It’s already been used to mill wood for several projects. The next project is to build a home for the Mill to keep it better protected from the weather.

You have a great product with this Mill.. I expect many years of service from it..

Steve Dadson
British Columbia, Canada


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