Neil and all:

Up and running and I’m really pleased with the small amount sawed thus far.

Thought you might be interested in the way we have initially set it up. Because we are limited on space (50′ x 150′ lot in typical older suburb), we set the mill on a heavy duty rolling cart–6′ x 39″–on one 6′ section of track (attached to the cart with 4 lag screws). This allows us to store it in the garage/shop and roll it out for use–we use a handyman jack to block it up off the wheels to level and stabilize it. This is quick and easy–and a small footprint that we can set on our patio (and quiet enough for close neighbors during the day).

The 6′ of track allows us to cut blocks up to about 45″ long–this easily handles most of the blocks of oak, cedar, elm, and Osage Orange I have here. The cart is designed to fit in a small pickup (Toyota Tacoma) via ramps and a winch so we can haul it to my son’s place where we will set it up full length and work on some recently cut large Ash logs.

Have worked on green ash, oak and elm already dried down to about 15%, and fully cured Osage Orange (hedge, as we called it in the Midwest). The latter, as you probably know, is really dense, hard, and heavy when dried (this was cut 25 years ago) and is notorious for dulling saw blades and being plain difficult to cut, but the mill handled a 10″ log well with a steady feed–and I continued to use the same blade on the oak. To extend the hedge, I cut most of it about 5/16″ thick.

I’ve attached some pictures of the setup and a couple of wood–the yellow hedge and some of the quartersawn oak.

So, great so far. Many thanks.

Best, Terry
California, USA


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