Thank You Woodland Mills!

Your HM126 is doing what I expected; it has helped me create a 70’X100′ dog enclosure and we are well on our way in building our dream log home with the help of the HM126.

It all started when we decided to thin a 35-40 year old wood lot we have consisting of white pine. With the help of the Halton arborist we used proper forestry management and took out approximately 500 trees this past winter ranging from 14″ in diameter to real small ones we figured we would not use.

I had in mind to build our log home with a flat on flat application and that’s where the portable sawmill came to mind. I also expect to mill my own floorboards and whatever I can to cut costs. After careful consideration I decided to go with your HM 126 system as it was the most cost effective and most suitable to my needs.

All the small logs I figured I would not use for the log home came in handy when it came to building the dog run.Not sure how much money I have saved by milling a 70′ X 100′ X 48″ high fence including stringers, but I’m sure Its almost paid for the sawmill. It gave me a chance to get familiarized with the saw as I only sliced logs like they were bread. Now I have made some cants that timber framers would salivate over and plan on doing much more.

So thanks again Woodland Mills and to my old faithful John Deere tractor, I am well on my way to checking off something on my bucket list.

Ontario, Canada


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