Victor Moulaison


Hi Lori,

The delivery was fast… but due to bad winter weather it was 2-3 months before I could layout a crib and set up the mill. After a few initial product hiccups (defective sawhead wheel base – which was replaced promptly) I have completed my first Woodland Mills project, a 16 x 32 storage shed (see attached photo) and the mill is working great. I have already started planning my next projects – time and weather permitting.

A couple of things that would be helpful when setting the saw up as a stationary unit would be a dimensioned crib layout as you almost have to setup the rails prior to preparing the crib. Other than the Automatic Blade Sharpener – perhaps a video on manually sharpening blades for those who do not use the unit on a regular enough basis to warrant the cost of a sharpener.

Great product and have had several on-lookers/perspective purchasers over checking it out.

Victor Moulaison
Nova Scotia


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