Wayne A. Roberts


Regarding our recently purchased sawmill from you we are wondering why we waited so long to purchase. We have it setup and chose to setup on old railroad ties leveled and backfilled with gravel. We also built a walking ramp which doubles as a loading /staging area for the log.

Wanting not to down load directly onto the rails we down load on the loading ramp, which we tapered and roll the log onto the saw rails from there. We also put a couple of planks down to make a smooth walk way while sawing the log.

We have three households here wanting milled lumber which is keeping us very busy. The performance of the saw to this point have been very good and easy to use. We have milled logs down to 1 inch thick for siding to 6-8 inches thick for beams for a deck for my brother in law.

We received the mill on a pallet and had easy assemble. As we go forward we are learning how to mill all the possible lumber we need for our home building projects. Thank you very much for a reliable reasonably priced sawmill that fits our needs. The pictures are of the loading and milling of the first log. We are very pleased with the ease of use and reliability of the Woodlands Mill.

Wayne A. Roberts
Montana, USA


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